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The Rahu Ketu Experience
Prash Trivedi
Author Prash Trivedi
Publisher Sagar Publication
ISBN 9788170821281
No. Of Pages 390
Edition 2016
Format Paperback
Language English
Price रु 275.00
Discount(%) 0.00
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The Rahu Ketu Experience By Prash Trivedi

Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon, are probably the most interesting, profound and mysterious of all planetary influences in Vedic astrology. As the dragon's head and the dragon's tail of western astrological thought the two nodes represent powerful psychic forces beyond our personal control or understanding .. They deal with the secret, hidden, eccentric, spiritual or perverse sides of life-the higher and lower ranges of human activity beyond the normal scope covered by the seven major planets.

The nodes are closely connected to world events and global trends-the broader streams of destiny and the collective influences that can overwhelm our personal karma, including destructive occurrences like wars or plagues. They are also key indicators of future social developments. For example, the mass media relates to Rahu, which represents new, popular and expansive trends, while much of the cutting edge of science and technology, like computers, relates to Ketu, which represents insight, precision and unlocking the secrets of nature. In this regard Rahu and Ketu have a place in Vedic astrology similar to that of the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in western astrology which are also used for collective phenomenon.

Rahu comes from the Sanskrit root' rah' meaning to hide and refers to what is secret, mysterious and profound or a cave. Rahu obscures or protects and indicates Maya, which is not only illusion but also any magical power or captivating knowledge. Ketu comes from the root 'ci' meaning to highlight, appear or become consciousness or a flag.

Prash Trivedi is one of the world's foremost authorities on Jyotish. His ancestral background includes notable Sanskrit scholars, writers, astrologers and Ayurvedic practitioners. From a very young age he was surrounded by ancient vedic mythology

He pursued his higher education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, After completing his degree, he received an invitation to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage to meet the Elders of the Hopi native American Indian tribe of and in 2000 wrote his first book on Vedic Astrology "The Rahu Ketu - The Key of Life - Astrology of the Lunar Nodes." This work has been recognised by experts all over the world as being the most informative work on the lunar nodes (Rahu Ketu) till date.

Prash manages to incorporate Vedic Astrology along with other fringe systems in his research and work. His vision is to arrive at a unified and universal form of Astrology, which would be a direct result of the synthesis of Vedic Astrology with modern day Outer Planet astrology. This universal approach to Astrology would also involve other fringe systems besides the symbols and mythologies of the Ancients. His vision also includes compiling a true history of our planet and humanity. This he thinks would help us to approach the coming global consciousness shift armed with facts rather than fiction.


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